Our fragile girl

Maya is thirteen years old now. While she is still healthy, eats well, and plays with her catnip mouse, her body is becoming frailer. When we pick her up or pet her, we can feel her muscles aren’t nearly what they used to be, and her bones feel as though they could splinter with very little provocation. But no signs of renal failure, thank goodness, nor anything other than just the march of time. Will we make it to fourteen and beyond? I do hope so.

A year of self #58 – Cuddles

I took the day off today to take Nina to the vet. She’s got a cherry eye (link) that hasn’t resolved itself, so I figured she would need to get it surgically repaired, just as we had to do six years ago with her other eye. Our vet concurred and we set the appointment for Nina’s surgery.  Aside from one shot she received today, the trip was pretty painless for Nina, which is more than I can say it will be for my checkbook next Tuesday.

Maya looks on from her perch on the t.v. room sofa.

A year of self #57 – Breaking out of my comfort zone

One of the reasons I chose to do a year of self-portraits was to push myself photographically.   I knew that there would be times when I would feel silly, or ugly, or uncomfortable. I knew there would be times when I would hesitate before posting an image.

This image below is one of those hesitations.  Taken nearly a month ago, I have sat on this one for weeks, wondering when, or if, I would ever have the courage to publish it.

This photograph speaks to me, and it speaks for me. It is both an image of my aging body and a symbol of it – beginning to show the wear of time –  but still mine, and still strong.