2017 365 #21

I am decompressing from the amazing day I spent the Women’s March today in Washington, DC.

I will be sharing more of my images from the day, but for now, I’m just going to go to bed.


2017 365 #19

All packed … mostly. As always there will be a few things thrown in to my carry-on in the morning.  Mini-Hillary and I are off to Washington, DC for the Women’s March.


2017 365 #16

Working on my headgear for the Women’s March in DC.  All over the country, many women (and men) will be wearing these hats.


More info can be found at this link.

2017 365 #14

She’s a little worn, but she’s still smiling. A mere six inches tall, Mini-Hillary was my constant companion during the campaign: Hanging out in my bag while I knocked on doors; standing by while I made phone calls; attending events and rallies; hitching a ride to the county convention, the state convention, and finally, the Democratic National Convention where I had the honor to serve as a district delegate for Hillary Clinton. Mini-Hill will be taking one more trip with me next Friday as I head to Washington, DC to participate in the Women’s March on Washington on Saturday, January 21st.



Though I’ve had the joy of meeting Hillary Clinton a handful of times, I’d never had Mini-Hill with me . . .  until last August.  She’d come to Reno to deliver a very important policy speech and I was one of a group of ‘super volunteers’ who had been  taken to a side room and told we were there to meet with a ‘senior staffer’ from Brooklyn who would be briefing us on the campaign.


Matching pantsuits!

Photo by Barbara Kinney.  (Note: As a photographer, my Barbara Kinney girl-crush has no limits ~ so this was a day for the record books for me.)