My favorite

Jerry’s portrait session was a couple of weeks ago. He settled on his (and his mom’s) favorite images. Of the ones he picked this one is my favorite.  Jerry’s genuine kindness shines through.

Jerry Moore-125-Edit

Waiting for the children

I took a walk around Idlewild Park yesterday, even though the skies were gray and full of rain.  At the playground there were a few hardy souls celebrating a little girl’s fourth birthday, but that was about it.

DIY globe light

Take one 10 in. White Acrylic Globe with 4 in. Fitter from Home Depot, add to Einstein E640. I had to remove (saw off) the lip around the opening and smooth it a bit to get it to fit under the clips of my Einstein, but once that was done it fit like a glove and the results from my quick test are pretty nice. Obviously, I cannot use the modeling light with this set up. Strictly strobe. But the light is nice and soft and wraps nicely.

Can’t wait to try it out on a human.