More Sigma 35mm

Maya and Nina by window light.

All were shot at f/1.6. This one was shot at 1600 ISO.


All the rest were shot at 400 ISO.





I love this lens.

The circle of life as seen from our bedroom window

I captured this Cooper’s Hawk* in our backyard today just doing what comes naturally.





* Based on Google. I originally thought this was a red-tailed hawk. But just to be sure, I researched.  When I read that Cooper’s Hawks prey on smaller birds, I felt pretty confident in my assessment.

New Lens

After reading the reviews and seeing real live examples of what this lens can do, I took the leap and purchased a Sigma 35mm F1.4 DG HSM. It arrived midday yesterday and I had to take it out for a spin. I am in love.


1/640s at f/2.0. ISO 100


1/200s at f/2.2. ISO 100


1/3200s at f/1.8. ISO 100


1/1000s at f/1.4. ISO 200


1/1000s at f/1.4. ISO 200


1/1000s at f/1.4. ISO 200



In northern Nevada, one of our own in the photography community has suffered the unspeakable and unfathomable loss of her two small boys and our hearts are broken for her.  We are joining together to help her in whatever way we can. If you wish to contribute, here is the fundraising page that has been set up: Fundraiser for Ashley Deane.


The Spoon and the Ocean